1. a space used to store things people have gotten rid of which might be reusable or provide parts for other items.

  2. Late 80s/early 90s heavy metal band, kind of in the Guns n' Roses vein.

The name of a 1982 album by Australian rock band The Birthday Party. Junkyard was the last full-length album recorded by The Birthday Party, and their last recording with drummer Phil Calvert before the band reconfigured itself by shifting guitarist Mick Harvey to drums, leaving Rowland S. Howard as the sole guitarist.

By 1982 The Birthday Party had managed to rid themselves of the effete new wave flavour that permeated their earlier recordings, and were now presenting themselves as total rock pigs, albeit with an avant garde twist.

The tracklist is:

  • She's Hit
  • Dead Joe
  • Dim Locator
  • Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)
  • Several Sins
  • Big-Jesus-Trash-Can
  • Kiss Me Black
  • 6" Gold Blade
  • Kewpie Doll
  • Junkyard

A subsequent re-release of Junkyard included two extra tracks, Release the Bats and Blast Off (the A and B sides of a single released at about the same time).

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