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The Justice Party is a new political party in the United States. It is currently the 6th largest party in the United States; if you are not from the US, this means that it effectively does not exist. However, if you are looking for a third party candidate to vote for, they are worth a look. They currently have candidates running for President/Vice President and for some seats in Utah's races for Congress.

The Justice party tends strongly towards the liberal end of the spectrum. While members may disagree on the specifics, in general the party wants:

The party was formed in November 2011 with the goal of placing Rocky Anderson, the former Mayor of Salt Lake City, on the ballot for President of the United States of America. They have succeeded, for the most part, and he is currently on the ballot in 16 states and has secured official write-in status in 14 others -- an impressive feat for a new candidate in a new party. Anderson's VP canidate is Luis J. Rodriguez, an unusual choice, as Rodriguez has little political experience and is best known as a journalist and author.

You can read more at the party's website, here.

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