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For any serious Eva fans, these are must have. Which is why I have them.
I assume you have them as well, Wigs

And in true Gainax style, they have a habit of releasing repaints, restructurings, and "Totally New" things, making you buy the same thing over and over again. To quote the box itself, they are "NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN!"

Not that I have a problem with that, especially when the product is of such high quality. All of the models are original sculptures by Yamaguchi Katsuhisa (山口勝久).

The packaging is interesting in its own, since each contains images of the figures themselves, in different poses carrying peices of equipment. It also contains wonderful information in english, such as:

"This is not a new product at all. The Edition of us whom it is already on market were painted again in the new method, hi-skill and a point of view."

Even the safety warning is pretty interesting. They should hire writers who know english a bit better.

Current Evangelion Models:

  • Unit-00 - Blue and yellow, in both flat and metallic finishes.
  • Unit-00 Clear - Both blue and yellow editions. These are made of a transparent plastic, as well as all included weapons. (Which makes about 6 different versions of Unit-00, they're following Gainax's lead perfectly).
  • Unit-01 - In both flat and metallic finishes.
  • Unit-01 EX - A remodeled version of Unit-01, this one includes flexible arms, with joints below the shoulders and in the elbows, and includes a significant amount of equipment. It only exists in the metallic finish, and comes in a full box, mostly empty space.
  • Unit-02 - In both flat and metallic finishes.
  • Unit-03 - Flat black only.
  • Unit-04 - Silver metallic finish only.
  • Rei Ayanami - Painted and frosted clear.
  • Askua Langley Sohryu - Painted.
  • Adam - The first angel, released in a San Diego Comic Con 2001 rare Glow-in-the-Dark. It's essentially the model of Unit-01 (with the non-articulated arms), only with no paint and glow in the dark body parts and weapons (and glow-in-the-dark kaworu nagisu).
Coming Models:

  • Unit-05 - 13 type, believed to be in a white finish. It's assumed that they'll release only one, but they may release multiple poses, and ones with other equipment.

The Angels! Whether they plan on releasing models of the angels is unknown at this time.

The equipment included with the Evas is interesting, and gets you just about everything seen in the show. I only have parts lists for what I have, so if you know of differences in included parts of the ones I don't have, please let me know.

Unit-00 (flat):

Unit-01 (metallic regular):

Unit-01 (metallic ex):

  • Various left and right hands, including berserk mode hands.
  • Heavy energy rifle(shoulder mounted two peice thing)
  • Pellet-Gun
  • Positron Rifle
  • Progressive Knife
  • Pistol
  • Clip for the pistol
  • Berserk mode head
  • Umbilical cable
  • Longsword
Unit-02 (metallic):

  • Progressive knife
  • Umbilical cable
  • Pistol
  • Pistol clip-on
  • Silencer for the pistol
  • Snub-nosed rifle (name please?)
  • Longsword

  • Various left and right hands, including berserk mode hands
  • Berserk mode arms
  • Berserk mode head
  • Standard plug back
  • Infected plug back
  • Half-ejected plug back
  • Umbilical cable
  • Berserk mode head
  • Neck extension peice

  • Various left and right hands
  • Clear shield
  • Pistol
  • MP5 Rifle
  • Tonfa (look like police batons, but longer)
  • Berserk mode head
  • MP5 clip
Rei Ayanami:

The Rei model includes several arms and heads, including every fanboy's favorite, the bandaged head and arms. She also includes the Lance of Longinus, which is big enough for Unit-00 to hold in the proper manner, along with:

An extra eyepatch
Gendo's glasses (soft plastic, but the lenses ARE clear
The packet of pills and cup from her room
A bowl with food
A stand, because the Rei model is utterly incapable of standing on its own.

Askua Langley Sohryu:

Asuka, Asuka, Asuka!

This model is one of the best ones yet. The detail to the face and stance of the body match her attitude exactly.

While lacking a large weapon/item to hold, she makes up in arm-positions and small objects that carry a lot of meaning:

Six arms, each giving her a distinct pose.
3 heads, each carrying a whole different attitude. Much more expressive than the Rei figure.
Again, like Rei, a drink can with her painted on the side, along with her name. Her last name is in Kanji, but it's barely legible.
The little red-dress doll Asuka's mother is holding...
...and the little monkey doll Asuka destroys in her flashback.

It also includes a stand, and the Asuka model seems far better balanced than the Rei figure, which seems to have problems remaining upright even in the stand.

All of the Eva models can share all of their parts, except for the umbilical cable, because it was designed differently between units 00, 01(ex), and 03 to have a behavior more like that in the show.

All of the models, except the regular version of 01 (flat and metallic, but not the EX), have 19 points of articulation, at:

All parts are removeable at said joints, and can be detached and reassembled without damage to the model.

Most of the heads have 2 points of attachment, an upper and lower point which allow it to have two major head positions. Only 3 models come with berserk mode features.

A considerable number of companies are involved in the production and distribution of these models, namely:

Project Eva
TV Tokyo
Xebec Toys
Reds, Inc.
Japan Collection Toy Club

and in the States:

Diamond Comics Distributors, who gracefully put the MSRP at a sane $15, at most $20 for the Unit-01 EX model. (but screw comics shops with high prices for just about everything else...)
Be forewarned, a lot of places online are charging $30 per model, and that's BEFORE shipping. Check local Electronics Boutiques, Software Etc., Suncoast, and local comics shops. They tend to carry and sell them for a reasonable $15 a peice.

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