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Renowned intuitive who is widely known as co-creator of the Motherpeace tarot deck and as a teacher and outdoor guide as well as an extraordinary artist. The worldwide success of the Motherpeace Deck afforded her the time to retreat from a teaching career for the past decade in order to develop as an artist and sculptor of wood and stone as well as continue her exploration of the intermountain and far west. Her creative voice expresses her deep sense of animation and spirit in nature. She has a degree in anthropology and a background in women's studies, art and shamanism. She grew up in New York City but fell in love with the wild places of western North America as a teenager. She's lived there ever since and explored many places in the intermountain and far west. Her art has appeared prominently in a number of well known performances and public rituals in the Bay Area of California.

Source: http://www.motherpeace.com/biographies.html

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