Kashmira refers, in a roundabout way, to the Kashmir Valley in India. This area was once ruled over by the Kashmira tribe, one of the great historical kingdoms of India. It is now a common female given name, which is often translated as meaning either "beauty of Kashmir" or, confusingly, "grape".

Kashmira is also a popular carbonated drink in India, produced by Hajoori & Sons. It is a type of masala soda, as indicated by the label on the bottle: "Mixed Spice Soda". While Hajoori is a bit coy in giving their ingredients, it certainly contains kala namak (black salt), which is a rock salt containing sulfur; this is enough to put many westerners off the drink completely. I believe it also contains chili pepper and possibly black pepper, among other spices. Despite this, its main ingredient is cane sugar, and it is very much a sweet soda.

These sorts of spiced sodas are very popular in India, particularly Northern India. They are commonly believed to have some health benefits, particularly in aiding digestion, and are used to help stomach aches -- in much the same way as Sprite is said to settle stomachs in the American south.


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