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Minstrels of Mayhem from the album The Minstrels of Mayhem NOW

Unfortunately, the text that follows cannot do any credit to the music of the song. Most impressive is the 'La la la' part. Each part is sung by a different member of the group. The timing, and the notes of each 'La' is different for each singer. Tom's part is lower and slower, while Casey's part is graceful and flowing and Pat's part is higher and quicker. When it comes time for the last refrain, all three sing together. What was a simple melody now becomes a braid with each of the refrains interweaving together in ways that cannot be captured by any textual representation.

There's a town in county Clare
where the river runs clean
and the green upon the hillside
can always be seen
where we toil through the day
and we work endlessly
to be what we're raised to be

I myself, am the miller's son Tom
I grind up all the wheat
as the day carries on
there's a moment in the day
that can make it worthwhile
and thats what makes me smile

La la la la la

They call me Casey Joe
I'm the son of the smith
I hammer through the day
'til my muscles are stiff
There's one moment in the day
that can simply inspire
and sets my heart on fire

La la la la la

My name is Pat O'Neill
I'm a tinker by trade
come on by my shop
see the kettles I've made
But there's a time when I close
and I search as I stroll
for the sound that touches my soul

La la la la la

The story is the same
all through the town
There's an hour in the day
when we lay our work down
we set aside our pitchforks, our hammers, our mops
and all our laboring stops
But there's someone hard at work in the shop down the lane
she makes all the bread to this lovely refrain
Its the hour of the day
when we all feel like kings
because thats when Katie sings
She sings -

La la la la la (three part harmony)

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