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An album, put out by Phoenyx in 1991, that is now out-of-print and will seemingly never go back into print.

Genre: Celtic fusion
Number of Tracks: 13
Track Listing:

Phoenyx - Keepers of the Flame

Banish Misfortune, Lark in the Morning (traditional, arr. Phoenyx)
King of Elfland's Daughter (Ungar)
Cat and the Fiddle (Alexander)
Marley O'Reilley (Ungar)
Voices of the Sea (Alexander)
Creature of the Wood (Obermarck/Alexander)
Stormbringer (Obermarck/Alexander)
Musical Priest, Butterfly, Swallowtail Jig (traditional, arr. Phoenyx)
Black Unicorn (Alexander)
March of Cambreadth (Alexander)
Up in the Loft (Alexander)
Concentration (Taylor)
Yo Ho! (Alexander)

Songs attributed to Alexander were written by Heather Alexander. Songs attributed to Obermarck/Alexander were written by Phil Obermarck and Heather Alexander. Songs attributed to Taylor were written by Cat Taylor. Songs attributed to Ungar were written by Mark Ungar. Songs attributed to Phoenyx were arranged by Phoenyx.

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