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Kelemvor is the God of the dead in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting Forgotten Realms, within which the popular games Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2, and Icewind Dale are set.

Symbol: Upright Skeletal arm holding the golden scales of justice

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Portfolio: Death, the dead

Domains: Death, Fate, Law, Protection, Travel

Favored Weapon: "Fatal Touch" (a bastard sword)

Kelemvor is very much a Grim Reaper or Dis figure as opposed to a Satan one, however, and his alignment is Lawful Neutral. He orders the dead fairly, and assigns them an appropriate afterlife. The Church of Kelemvor is really quite charitable, seeing to funerals, burials and the creation of wills, as well as hunting down the Undead (whom the church revile) and other monsters who are thought to cause an untimely death.

The doctrine of Kelemvor is quite similar to that of The Dustmen in the Planescape Campaign Setting, in so far as it preaches of the purity and inevitability of death, and discourages fear of one's mortality. It encourages veneration of one's dead ancestors, and distrusts those who seek to extend their lifespans artificially.

Kelemvor was once a mortal, who became a god during the Time of Troubles. Kelemvor's friends in the Forgotten Realms pantheon are Mystra (whom he knew in life) and Jergal, and his enemies are Talona, Velsharoon and Cyric.

-Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book used as source-

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