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I've been here once as a child. It is one of those places that reminds you how much the world sucks. As a kid, I had a realization about how the adults are out to trick you and make your life suck while here. Oh sure, the first time you go in it looks like the coolest place ever, just like that Toys 'R Us store you've been to a few times. You drool in anticipation of getting new toys and playing Super NES, but as you enter, a familiar smell hits your nose. It's the smell of cotton and wool, its clothing, a child's most hated thing. You break down in tears. "Mommy, I thought we were going someplace fun!" But its not the end, you're gonna be trying on outfits for the next half hour while your mom and her friend go on chattering about stuff you know not of.

Basically its a chain of young children's clothing stores owned by Toys 'R Us.

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