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Kim Wilde, b. November 18, 1960, in Chiswick, England.

Born into a family with a strong musical dropcloth, with her father being Marty Wilde, a British pop singer in the 1950s. Marty went on to more acclaim as a songwriter in the decades to follow. Her brother Ricky is also a well respected songwriter in his own right. This sort of background, it is said, led to Kim doing her own impressions of Mick Jagger at the age of 3. During her run in art college some years later, she sang backing vocals on several singles released by her brother. This led to her doing the same for her father and going out on the road with dad and his band to whet her appetite.

Kim would explode onto the scene in her own right in early 1981 with the release of her top selling single Kids in America. It would reach #2 in the British charts and become a long running Top 40 hit in the United States. Kim Wilde, her self-titled debut album was also a big seller and the music industry thought they might have the next best thing here.

Ah, well. Her albums and singles after that never really got much attention until her 1986 cover of The Supremes' song You Keep Me Hangin' On which she did as a dance mix and cracked open new exposure for her in the club scene. She tried to keep that appeal going and attempted a sexier approach to her persona. That really didn't cause her career to catch fire, but she's remained a steady, yet low-key, contributor to the dance and adult contemporary markets. She has also worked with Johnny Hates Jazz as a background singer and appeared on the soundtracks for Weird Science and Fletch.

They say she had a hit single called "You Came," which sounds suspicious to me. I think I'll go look for it and find out what it is all about. Right after I finish this delicious piece of cake. Oh, look, someone has already posted the lyrics here... damn, hard to talk with my mouth full of cake.

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