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A female warrior from Mortal Kombat. Her weapons were, strangely enough, not katanas, but 'fan blades'. (Not literally the blades from a fan, but a pair of folding fans that somehow incorporated blades).

She was very agile, and had a number of attacks (including throwing fans) that were surprisingly deadly considering that her weapons were basically paper fans -- then again, what Kombatant didn't have incredibly deadly attacks? I believe that one of her fatalities involved decapitating the enemy with some kind of fan-snap super kill move.


These are the moves for Mortal Kombat 2. Only some of the special moves, and none of the finishing moves, are applicable to other MK games. <Low Kick> means hold down Low Kick until you're instructed to </Low Kick>

Special Moves
Fan Toss: Forward, Forward, High Punch + Low Punch (can be done in mid-air)
Fan Swipe: Back + High Punch
Fan Levitation*: Back, Back, Back, High Punch (best followed up by a jump kick and Fan Toss in quick succession)
Flying Punch: Forward, Down/Forward, Down, Down/Back, Back + High Punch

Finishing Moves
Kiss Of Allergic Reaction: From up close, <Low Kick> Forward, Forward, Down, Forward, </Low Kick>
Decapitation: From up close, Block, Block, Block, High Kick
Babality**: Down, Down, Down, Low Kick
Friendship** (a nice cake): Down, Down, Down, Up, Low Kick
Dead Pool: Hold Low Punch and Low Kick, then approach the victim and press Down and High Punch
Kombat Tomb/Pit II: Forward, Down, Forward, High Kick

* While executing this move, the fact that you're crouching prevents you from being hit by certain projectiles
** Of course, you cannot do a babality or friendship if you've done any punching in the winning round

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