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A comedy segment on the Late Show with David Letterman. Touted as beging "America's Fastest Growing Quiz Sensation." Originally devoted to current events, in June of 1999 there were atleast five ways to win Know Your Current Events, including Know Your Cuts of Meat and Know Your State Blood Alcohol Level. Instead of quizzing audience members on current events, Dave often utilizes the time to discover interesting facts about the contestant or flirt with attractive contestants.

After the extended Q&A with a Know Your Current Events contestant and the question is finally asked, Letterman lets the person read the answer off of his card. This often happens while the question is displayed on the screen, most of the time preventing the public from knowing what is going on. They then get a gift certificate to go to nice New York restaraunt. If you happen to pick "Know your cuts of meat", you will also get some good looking hunks of meat from a New York butcher's shop. One hunk of meat generally gets taken from your box and goes to the other contestant, though. Additionally, Paul has recently been giving a CD of Late Show music to the winners also.

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