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Think 3 day party. Think beer. Think Kokanee. Think campgrounds, Hair Farmers, Forest fires, tent city and Porta-Potties. Think show your tits, flashing, and girls crowd surfing chest first into a dance floor of drunken lechers. Think 4000 campers, 41000 bottles of beer on the first night(sold, a lot of booze was snuck in), and a whole lotta kootenay gold all under a big tent.

Think party at the brewery, more than 7000 people and kegs galore. Think tours, cheap beer, and more flashing. Think Wide Mouth Mason, 54-40 and partying with the son of a man who used to be prime minister.

Ok, that was my weekend. How was yours?
The Kokanee Summit is an annual summer party put on by the Columbia Brewery, brewers of Kokanee Beer. It seems that the summit party I went to was the wildest ever and at subsequent parties security really cracked down.

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