Dear friends and fans of múm
I write this to aknowledge that
I have left the band.
It has been awhile since I last worked
with the boys, that was in June 2005.
Then we worked together in Amsterdam on Xevakis
interludes with Eirikur Orri. We did play a few
shows, litle tours last autum and winter. My
last performance with the band was 7th January
this year in Iceland when we played at the
Hretta! consert. I did not work with the boys
on the band's next album and do not appear
on it.
So this aknowledgement is maybe beeing written
short of late, I know múm friends have been
wondering about my position in the band now
for awhile. I'm sorry we haven't informed
about this earlyer. I guess it has been
so very personal, my other two attempts to
write such an announcement last spring and
this summer ended filling many pages of
reasons and emotions.

So I await next múm album with
just as much curiousity as anyone!
And on the 17th november múm will
perform at the Sugarcubes birthday
consert, for the first time as a full
band without me. but i know that
very good friends all talented people
make up the new line-up and I'm sure
they bring new and exciting energy
to the band. I wish I could go
see and hear! But now, I live faraway
from them.
   Thank you for goodtimes shared and
      and wonderful adventures through the years
   Bless Bless
      Kristín Anna

The above is Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir's letter officially announcing her departure from múm; it was posted on November 11th, 2006. All misspellings are intentionally copied and left uncorrected from her handwritten note. A pdf of the note was once posted on FatCat Record's website, though it's has since been removed. It can still be accessed via the Wayback Machine

In the summer of 2005, Kristín met Dave Portner, founding member of Animal Collective, and the two soon married. Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir and Dave Portner begin producing music under the pseudonyms Kría Brekkan and Avey Tare, respectively. On April 24, 2007 Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan] released Pullhair Rubeye, their first album. It was recorded in Brooklyn, New York, on an eight-track. The album was finally mixed on a borrowed two-track, which had been purchased by a friend at a garage sale for one dollar.

Most recently, Kristín appeared on Rings' Black Habit, which was released on January 15, 2007

Sources: Paw Tracks Artists, FatCat Records, Wikpedia, Kristín's handwritten note posted on FatCat, Discollective's Review of Black Habit

This newborn writeup is being consistently downvoted; I assume that this is because it is short and of little use to average noders who are not interested in the recent happenings of Valtýsdóttir, or of múm's members. Perhaps it is being downvoted because the node is little more than a transcribed letter and a little context to make sense of it. I do not believe these are sufficient reasons for downvoting the writeup; as the informative value of the above is not lessened by its meagre literary merit.

Perhaps if I provided a full autobiography of the subject, it would be some bit more suitable? Perhaps, if I told you how I felt about all of this, and provided my own emotional flavouring with the above, it would be much less a candidate for destruction? I doubt it. So then, I beg of you, everything2 users: don't kill this node, though it may have little meaning to you, someone else in the future may find it to be sufficiently informative. Lastly, if you do choose to downvote it, please /msg me some reason for doing so; or else I won't ever realise my noding errors. Thank you.

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