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Not to be confused with Freddy Krueger, and certainly no relation, Kristy Kruger is a phenomenal one woman show. She floats from guitar to keyboards with a grace that belies her young age. Her style is rockin' Texas folk music. 23 year old singer songwriter Kruger has won many awards and has two albums under her belt. Bachelor of Apathy is a host of powerful songs with a full band supporting her. The Noise I Make is a more recent effort, and sounds more like her solo performance. She is amazing when experienced live. Though the band formed in California, she's an inhabitant of Dallas, Texas now, which makes jamming with her homies a little difficult. Her intimate performance is ideal for coffee houses, colleges and bookstores but she's destined for something greater. It's only a matter of time.

You can find out more about her at http://www.kristykruger.com

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