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Y'all know what a balut is right? If you don't click on this first then come back here.

Ok so now y'all now what a balut is.

Though extremely delectable and truly is good eating, the balut vendor can not always sell all of the balut that is produced for the day, and since this (.ph) is a third world country, nobody can afford to waste any food. What is one to do with surplus balut then?

Well, you shell 'em, dip them in a flour and egg batter that has been colored orange most likely with the use of atsuete and then deep fry em. Stack in mounds, and serve to the passers by as one of the many street food gourmet meals that we have here in manila. Oh yeah, if you did not get it, that is what these things are called, Kwek Kwek. Probably from Quack Quack as that would be what the balut would sound like had it been allowed to hatch and grow.

Usually it is just served with some chopped onions and vinegar and you eat as much as you want, count how many that was and pay. Disgusting to some but to me and many other fellow pinoys, just a great tasting treat!

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