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Abbreviation for "Landing Zone", used by hang glider and paraglider pilots.  Possibly related to "DZ"

An LZ is a place where one can land a hang glider or paraglider.  Most pilots reflexively evaluate any open space they happen to encounter, especially when driving, with regard to suitability as an LZ. Criteria include flatness or smoothness, lack ofobstructions in the field or around the perimeter, proximity to roads, markets, homes, and until cell phones became commonplace, likely access to pay phones. Places where it is very flat with lots of farmland are "LZs as far as the eye can see", while places like Southern California have an ever diminishing supply of LZs.

A prime tenet of flying hang gliders or paraglider is to always have an LZ within and easy glide, preferably 2 or 3 options.  Pilots flying cross country (XC) need to learn how to identify potential LZs from the air as they try to fly long distances away from their launch point.

Many popular flying sites have designated LZs, whether through formal or informal agreements with landowners, leases or even, in a few cases, ownership. The parcels of land are cleared of obstacles, have good approach paths, conspicuous wind indicators, and other improvements.

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