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Later... is a music show on BBC2 in the UK, presented by high-pitched music guru Jools Holland.

Whereas the likes of Top Of The Pops, CD:UK and The Pepsi Chart Show are generic chart music shows, Later... has a hand picked selection of (snob alert:) proper bands on.

Since it was first broadcast in 1992 there have been over 400 acts on. Although primarily a place for alternative rock bands, there is usually a token blues singer, or tuneless African jabbering. (Yes, I agree, I am very open minded!)

Jools often likes to accompany the solo artists on piano.

The show is around an hour long and tucked away where no-one will tune in by accident (after 11pm, currently on a Friday).

From a live music junkie, the performances are perfect for archiving:

Jools introduces each song, the audience are restrained enough to only whoop before and after the performance, and the production ensures that your favourite artist sounds as good as they do on your album.

At the start of the show all of the bands join in for a mini jam session while the credits flash up.

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