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The second book written by Henry Beard, attempting to allow the hoi polloi to inject a bit of culture into their lives. In much the same vein as Latin for All Occasions, this book looks at a number of situations, and gives the latin translations of useful phrases.

Here are some excerpts:

  • Casual Latin
    • Let it all hang out. - Totum dependeat
    • If you put a little pyramid on top, does that make something postmodern? - Si in culmine pyramidem parvam superponas ita fit postnovitas?
  • Personal Latin
    • I am a Master of the Universe! - Magister Mundi Sum!
    • Some bagbiting technoweenie put a hungus Trojan Horse in my program! It is Munged! - Artifex plumipes qui merdam manducat in meo libello electronico qui regit computatorem equum Troianum posuit! Pessum datum est!
  • Convivial Latin
  • Regional Latin
    • Hey, good buddy, you got your ears on? There's a Smokey at Exit 10. - Heia, amice bone, auscultasne? Ursus Fumosus adest in Exitu Decem.
    • I have never seen cheese prepared in so many different ways. - Nunquam visi caseum in tantis modis diversis paratum.
  • International Latin
    • Stand aside, plebians, I am on Imperial business! - Recedite, plebes! Gero rem Imperialem!
    • How come no one here speaks Latin? This is Latin America, isn't it? - Quapropter non adsunt qui Latine loquantur? Nonne est haec America Latina?
  • Confidential Latin
  • General Latin
    • Is Cookie Monster in this story? - Interestne Monstrum Qui Crustula Devorat huic fabulae?
    • THIMK - COGGITE (For those who don't get it, it's misspelled on both sides of the translation, intentionally.
  • Sports-Fanatical Latin
    • Swing, batter! - Pelle, Percutor!
    • Just like Gaul, Just like Gaul, Divide them up into three parts, Just like Gaul! - Sicut Gallia, Sicut Gallia, illi vobis in tres partes divendi sunt!
  • Essential Latin
  • Pop-Cultural Latin
    • It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman! - Avis est! Aeronavis est! Supervir est!
    • The devil made me do it! - Diabolus fecit, ut id facerem!
  • Commerical Latin
    • Tastes Great! Less Filling! - Iucunde sapit! Minime implet!
    • Where's the beef? - Ubi est bubula?
  • Celebrational Latin
    • If I drink this funny looking beer, will my pee turn green too? - Si bibam hanc cerevisiam, quae speciem insolitam praebet, urinane mea eveniet quoque viridans?
    • That mask isn't very scary. Have you ever seen a Helvetian? - Larva illa non est formidolosior. Umquam vidisti Helvetium?

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