Le Morte d'Arthur

Shortly of the First Book of King Arthur.

How Uther Pendragon sent for the duke of Cornwall and Igraine his wife, and of their departing suddenly again. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chap. i.
How Uther Pendragon made war on the duke of Cornwall, and how by the mean of Merlin he lay by the duchess and gat Arthur Chap. ii.
Of the birth of King Arthur and of his nurture . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chap. iii.
And of the death of King Uther Pendragon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chap. iv.
And how Arthur was chosen king, and of wonders and marvels of a sword taken out of a stone by the said Arthur. . . . . . . . . . . . . Chap. v.
How King Arthur pulled out the sword divers times. . . . . . . . . . . . .Chap. vi.
How King Arthur was crowned, and how he made officers. . . . . . . . . . Chap. vii.
How King Arthur held in Wales, at a Pentecost, a great feast, and what kings and lords came to his feast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chap. viii.
Of the first war that King Arthur had, and how he won the field. . . . . . . . . . . . .Chap. ix.
How Merlin counselled King Arthur to send for King Ban and King Bors, and of their counsel taken for the war . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chap. x.
Of a great tourney made by King Arthur and the two kings Ban and Bors, and how they went over the sea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chap. xi.
How eleven kings gathered a great host against King Arthur . . . . . . . Chap. xii.
Of a dream of the King with the Hundred Knights. . . . . . . . . . . . .Chap. xiii.
How the eleven kings with their host fought against Arthur and his host, and many great feats of the war . . Chap. xiv.
Yet of the same battle . . . . . Chap. xv.
Yet more of the same battle . . . . Chap. xvi.
Yet more of the said battle, and how it was ended by Merlin ... Chap. xvii.
How King Arthur, King Ban, and King Bors rescued King Leodegrance, and other incidents . . . . Chap. xviii.
How King Arthur rode to Carlion, and of his dream, and how he saw the Questing Beast . . . . Chap. xix.
How King Pellinore took Arthur's horse and followed the Questing Beast, and how Merlin met with Arthur . . Chap. xx.
How Ulfius impeached Queen Igraine, Arthur's mother, of treason; and how a knight came and desired to have the death of his master revenged . . . . . Chap. xxi.
How Griflet was made knight, and jousted with a knight ..Chap. xxii.
How twelve knights came from Rome and asked truage for this land of Arthur, and how Arthur fought with a knight . Chap. xxiii.
How Merlin saved Arthur's life, and threw an enchantment on King Pellinore and made him to sleep . . . Chap. xxiv.
How Arthur by the mean of Merlin gat Excalibur his sword of the Lady of the Lake . . . . . Chap. xxv.
How tidings came to Arthur that King Rience had overcome eleven kings, and how he desired Arthur's beard to trim his mantle ..Chap. xxvi.
How all the children were sent for that were born on May-day, and how Mordred was saved . . . . Chap. xxvii.

The Second Book.

Of a damosel which came girt with a sword for to find a man of such virtue to draw it out of the scabbard . . Chap. i.
How Balin, arrayed like a poor knight, pulled out the sword, which afterward was cause of his death . . . Chap. ii.
How the Lady of the Lake demanded the knight's head that had won the sword, or the maiden's head . . . Chap. iii.
How Merlin told the adventure of this damosel . Chap. iv.
How Balin was pursued by Sir Lanceor, knight of Ireland, and how he jousted and slew him . . . . Chap. v.
How a damosel, which was love to Lanceor, slew herself for love, and how Balin met with his brother Balan . . Chap. vi.
How a dwarf reproved Balin for the death of Lanceor, and how King Mark of Cornwall found them, and made a tomb over them .... Chap. vii.
How Merlin prophesied that two the best knights of the world should fight there, which were Sir Lancelot and Sir Tristram ....Chap. viii.
How Balin and his brother, by the counsel of Merlin, took King Rience and brought him to King Arthur . . Chap. ix.
How King Arthur had a battle against Nero and King Lot of Orkney, and how King Lot was deceived by Merlin, and how twelve kings were slain . . . . . Chap. x.
Of the interment of twelve kings, and of the prophecy of Merlin, and how Balin should give the dolorous stroke . Chap. xi.
How a sorrowful knight came before Arthur, and how Balin fetched him, and how that knight was slain by a knight invisible ...Chap. xii.
How Balin and the damosel met with a knight which was in likewise slain, and how the damosel bled for the custom of a castle...Chap. xiii.
How Balin met with that knight named Garlon at a feast, and there he slew him, to have his blood to heal therewith the son of his host . . . . . . Chap. xiv.
How Balin fought with King Pellam, and how his sword brake, and how he gat a spear wherewith he smote the dolorous stroke... Chap. xv.
How Balin was delivered by Merlin, and saved a knight that would have slain himself for love . . . Chap. xvi.
How that knight slew his love and a knight lying by her, and after, how he slew himself with his own sword, and how Balin rode toward a castle where he lost his life . . Chap. xvii.
How Balin met with his brother Balan, and how each of them slew other unknown, till they were wounded to death . Chap. xviii.
How Merlin buried them both in one tomb, and of Balin's sword Chap. XiX.

Here follow the Chapters of the Third Book.

How King Arthur took a wife, and wedded Guenever, daughter to Leodegrance, King of the Land of Cameliard, with whom he had the Round Table . . . . . Chap. i.
How the Knights of the Round Table were ordained and their sieges blessed by the Bishop of Canterbury . . Chap. ii.
How a poor man, riding upon a lean mare, desired King Arthur to make his son knight . . . .Chap. iii.
How Sir Tor was known for son of King Pellinore, and how Gawaine was made knight . . . . . Chap. iv.
How at the feast of the wedding of King Arthur to Guenever, a white hart came into the hall, and thirty couple hounds, and how a brachet pinched the hart, which was taken away . Chap. v.
How Sir Gawaine rode for to fetch again the hart, and how two brethren fought each against other for the hart . Chap. vi.
How the hart was chased into a castle and there slain, and how Sir Galraine slew a lady . . . . Chap. vii.
How four knights fought against Sir Gawaine and Gaheris, and how they were overcome, and their lives saved at the request of four ladies . . . . . . Chap. viii.
How Sir Tor rode after the knight with the brachet, and of his adventure by the way . . . . Chap. ix.
How Sir Tor found the brachet with a lady, and how a knight assailed him for the said brachet . . . . Chap. x.
How Sir Tor overcame the knight, and how he lost his head at the request of a lady . . . . . Chap. xi.
How King Pellinore rode after the lady and the knight that led her away, and how a lady desired help of him, and how he fought with two knights for that lady, of whom he slew the one at the first stroke . . . . . Chap. xii.
How King Pellinore gat the lady and brought her to Camelot to the court of King Arthur . . . . Chap. xiii.
How on the way he heard two knights, as he lay by night in a valley, and of other adventures . . . . Chap. xiv.
How when he was come to Camelot he was sworn upon a book to tell the truth of his quest . . . . Chap. xv.

Here follow the Chapters of the Fourth Book.

How Merlin was assotted and doted on one of the ladies of the lake, and how he was shut in a rock under a stone and there died Chap. i.
How five kings came into this land to war against King Arthur, and what counsel Arthur had against them . . Chap. ii.
How King Arthur had ado with them and overthrew them, and slew the five kings and made the remnant to flee . Chap. iii.
How the battle was finished or he came, and how King Arthur founded an abbey where the battle was . . . - Chap. iv.
How Sir Tor was made knight of the Round Table, and how Bagdemagus was displeased . . . .Chap. v.
How King Arthur, King Uriens, and Sir Accolon of Gaul, chased an hart, and of their marvellous adventures . . Chap. vi.
How Arthur took upon him to fight to be delivered out of prison, and also for to deliver twenty knights that were in prison ... Chap. vii.
How Accolon found himself by a well, and he took upon him to do battle against Arthur . . . . Chap. viii.
Of the battle between King Arthur and Accolon . Chap. ix.
How King Arthur's sword that he fought with brake, and how he recovered of Accolon his own sword Excalibur, and overcame his enemy . . . . . . Chap. x.
How Accolon confessed the treason of Morgan le Fays King Arthur's sister, and how she would have done slay him . Chap. xi.
How Arthur accorded the two brethren, and delivered the twenty knights, and how Sir Accolon died . . Chap. xii.
How Morgan would have slain Sir Uriens her husband, and how Sir Uwaine her son saved him . . . Chap. xiii.
How Queen Morgan le Fay made great sorrow for the death of Accolon, and how she stole away the scabbard from Arthur . Chap. xiv.
How Morgan le Fay saved a knight that should have been drowned, and how King Arthur returned home again . Chap. xv.
How the Damosel of the Lake saved King Arthur from a mantle which should have burnt him . . . . Chap. xvi.
How Sir Gawaine and Sir Uwaine met with twelve fair damosels, and how they complained on Sir Marhaus . . Chap. xvii.
How Sir Marhaus jousted with Sir Gawaine and Sir Uwaine, and overthrew them both . . . . Chap. xviii.
How Sir Marhaus, Sir Gawaine, and Sir Uwaine met three damosels, and each of them took one . . . Chap. xix.
How a knight and a dwarf strove for a lady . . Chap. xx.
How King Pelleas suffered himself to be taken prisoner because he would have a sight of his lady, and how Sir Gawaine promised him to get to him the love of his lady . . Chap. xxi.
How Sir Gawaine came to the Lady Ettard, and how Sir Pelleas found them sleeping . . . . . Chap. xxii.
How Sir Pelleas loved no more Ettard by the mean of the Damosel of the Lake, whom he loved ever after . . Chap. xxiii.
How Sir Marhaus rode with the damosel, and how he came to the Duke of the South Marches . . . Chap. xxiv.
How Sir Marhaus fought with the duke and his four sons and made them to yield them . . . . Chap. xxv. How Sir Uwaine rode with the damosel of sixty year of age, and how he gat the prize at tourneying . . . Chap. xxvi.
How Sir Uwaine fought with two knights and overcame them Chap. xxvii.
How at the year's end all three knights with their three damosels met at the fountain . . . . . Chap. xxviii.

Of the Fifth Book the Chapters follow.

How twelve aged ambassadors of Rome came to King Arthur to demand truage for Britain. . . . . Chap. i.
How the kings and lords promised to King Arthur aid and help against the Romans . . . . . Chap. ii.
How King Arthur held a parliament at York, and how he ordained the realm should be governed in his absence . Chap. iii.
How King Arthur being shipped and lying in his cabin had a marvellous dream and of the exposition thereof . . Chap. iv.
How a man of the country told to him of a marvellous giant, and how he fought and conquered him . . . Chap. v.
How King Arthur sent Sir Gawaine and other to Lucius, and how they were assailed and escaped with worship . Chap. vi.
How Lucius sent certain spies in a bushment for to have taken his knights being prisoners, and how they were letted Chap. vii.
How a senator told to Lucius of their discomfiture, and also of the great battle between Arthur and Lucius . . Chap. viii.
How Arthur, after he had achieved the battle against the Romans, entered into Almaine, and so into Italy . . Chap. ix.
Of a battle done by Gawaine against a Saracen, which after was yielden and became Christian . . . Chap. x.
How the Saracens came out of a wood for to rescue their beasts, and of a great battle . . . . . Chap. xi.
How Sir Gawaine returned to King Arthur with his prisoners, and how the King won a city, and how he was crowned Emperor Chap. Xii.

Here follow the Chapters of the Sixth Book.

How Sir Launcelot and Sir Lionel departed from the court for to seek adventures, and how Sir Lionel left him sleeping and was taken ... Chap. i.
How Sir Ector followed for to seek Sir Launcelot, and how he was taken by Sir Turquine . . . .Chap. ii.
How four queens found Launcelot sleeping, and how by enchantment he was taken and led into a castle . . Chap. iii.
How Sir Launcelot was delivered by the mean of a damosel Chap. iv.
How a knight found Sir Launcelot lying in his leman's bed, and how Sir Launcelot fought with the knight . . Chap. v.
How Sir Launcelot was received of King Bagdemagus' daughter, and how he made his complaint to her father . . Chap. vi.
How Sir Launcelot behaved him in a tournament, and how he met with Sir Turquine leading Sir Gaheris . . Chap. vii.
How Sir Launcelot and Sir Turquine fought together . Chap. viii.
How Sir Turquine was slain, and how Sir Launcelot bade Sir Gaheris deliver all the prisoners . . . . Chap. ix.
How Sir Launcelot rode with a damosel and slew a knight that dis- tressed all ladies and also a villain that kept a bridge Chap. x.
How Sir Launcelot slew two giants, and made a castle free Chap. xi.
How Sir Launcelot rode disguised in Sir Kay's harness, and how he smote down a knight . . . . Chap. xii.
How Sir Launcelot jousted against four knights of the Round Table and overthrew them . . . . Chap. xiii.
How Sir Launcelot followed a brachet into a castle, where he found a dead knight, and how he after was required of a damosel to heal her brother . . . . . Chap. xiv.
How Sir Launcelot came into the Chapel Perilous and gat there of a dead corpse a piece of the cloth and a sword . Chap. xv.
How Sir Launcelot at the request of a lady recovered a falcon, by which he was deceived . . . . Chap. xvi.
How Sir Launcelot overtook a knight which chased his wife to have slain her, and how he said to him . . . Chap. xvii.
How Sir Launcelot came to King Arthur's Court, and how there were recounted all his noble feats and acts . . Chap. xviii.

Here follow the Chapters of the Seventh Book.

How Beaumains came to King Arthur's court and demanded three petitions of King Arthur . . . . Chap. i.
How Sir Launcelot and Sir Gawaine were wroth because Sir Kay mocked Beaumains, and of a damosel which desired a knight to fight for a lady . . . . . Chap. ii.
How Beaumains desired the battle, and how it was granted to him, and how he desired to be made knight of Sir Launcelot ... Chap. iii.
How Beaumains departed, and how he gat of Sir Kay a spear and a shield, and how he jousted with Sir Launcelot . Chap. iv.
How Beaumains told to Sir Launcelot his name, and how he was dubbed knight of Sir Launcelot, and after overtook the damosel... Chap. v.
How Beaumains fought and slew two knights at a passage Chap. vi.
How Beaumains fought with the Knight of the Black Launds, and fought with him till he fell down and died . Chap. vii.
How the brother of the knight that was slain met with Beaumains, and fought with Beaumains till he was yielden . Chap. viii.
How the damosel ever rebuked Beaumains, and would not suffer him to sit at her table, but called him kitchen boy . Chap. ix.
How the third brother, called the Red Knight, jousted and fought against Beaumains, and how Beaumains overcame him Chap. x.
How Sir Beaumains suffered great rebukes of the damosel, and he suffered it patiently . . . . Chap. xi.
How Beaumains fought with Sir Persant of Inde, and made him to be yielden . . . . . . Chap. xii.
Of the goodly communication between Sir Persant and Beaumains, and how he told him that his name was Sir Gareth . Chap. xiii.
How the lady that was besieged had word from her sister how she had brought a knight to fight for her, and what battles he had achieved ... Chap. xiv.
How the damosel and Beaumains came to the siege, and came to a sycamore tree, and there Beaumains blew a horn, and then the Knight of the Red Launds came to fight with him Chap. xv.
How the two knights met together, and of their talking, and how they began their battle . . . . Chap. xvi.
How after long fighting Beaumains overcame the knight and would have slain him, but at the request of the lords he saved his life and made him to yield him to the lady . . Chap. xvii.
How the knight yielded him, and how Beaumains made him to go unto King Arthur's court, and to cry Sir Launcelot mercy ... Chap. xviii.
How Beaumains came to the lady, and when he came to the castle the gates were closed against him, and of the words that the lady said to him . . . . . . Chap. xix.
How Sir Beaumains rode after to rescue his dwarf, and came into the castle where he was . . . . Chap. xx.
How Sir Gareth, otherwise called Beaumains, came to the presence of his lady, and how they took acquaintance, and of their love ... Chap. xxi.
How at night came an armed knight, and fought with Sir Gareth, and he, sort hurt in the thigh, smote off the knight's head ... Chap. xxii.
How the said knight came again the next night and was beheaded again, and how at the feast of Pentecost all the knights that Sir Gareth had overcome came and yielded them to King Arthur ... Chap. xxiii.
How King Arthur pardoned them, and demanded of them where Sir Gareth was . . . . . Chap. xxiv.
How the Queen of Orkney came to this feast of Pentecost, and Sir Gawaine and his brethren came to ask her blessing Chap. xxv.
How King Arthur sent for the Lady Lionesse, and how she let cry a tourney at her castle, whereas came many knights . Chap. xxvi.
How King Arthur went to the tournament with his knights, and how the lady received him worshipfully, and how the knights en-countered . . . . . . Chap. xxvii.
How the knights bare them in the battle . . Chap. xxviii.
Yet of the said tournament . . . . Chap. xxix.
How Sir Gareth was espied by the heralds, and how he escaped out of the field . . . . . . Chap. xxx.
How Sir Gareth came to a castle where he was well lodged, and he jousted with a knight and slew him . . Chap. xxxi.
How Sir Gareth fought with a knight that held within his castle thirty ladies, and how he slew him . . . Chap. xxxii.
How Sir Gareth and Sir Gawaine fought each against other, and how they knew each other by the damosel Linet . Chap. xxxiii.
How Sir Gareth knowledged that they loved each other to King Arthur, and of the appointment of their wedding . Chap. xxxiv.
Of the Great Royalty, and what officers were made at the feast of the wedding, and of the jousts at the feast . . Chap. xxxv.

Here follow the Chapters of the Eighth Book.

How Sir Tristram de Liones was born, and how his mother died at his birth, wherefore she named him Tristram . Chap. i.
How the stepmother of Sir Tristram had ordained poison for to have poisoned Sir Tristram . . . . Chap. ii.
How Sir Tristram was sent into France, and had one to govern him named Gouvernail, and how he learned to harp, hawk, and hunt Chap. iii.
How Sir Marhaus came out of Ireland for to ask truage of Cornwall, or else he would fight therefore . . . Chap. iv.
How Tristram enterprized the battle to fight for the truage of Cornwall, and how he was made knight . .Chap. v
How Sir Tristram arrived into the Island for to furnish the battle with Sir Marhaus . . . . . Chap. vi.
How Sir Tristram fought against Sir Marhaus and achieved his battle, and how Sir Marhaus fled to his ship . . Chap. vii.
How Sir Marhaus after that he was arrived in Ireland died of the stroke that Sir Tristram had given him, and how Tristram was hurt. . . . . . . Chap. viii.
How Sir Tristram was put to the keeping of La Beale Isoud first for to be healed of his wound . . . Chap. ix.
How Sir Tristram won the degree at a tournament in Ireland, and there made Palamides to bear no harness in a year . Chap. x.
How the queen espied that Sir Tristram had slain her brother Sir Marhaus by his sword, and in what jeopardy he was Chap. xi.
How Sir Tristram departed from the king and La Beale Isoud out of Ireland for to come into Cornwall . . Chap. xii.
How Sir Tristram and King Mark jousted each other for the love of a knight's wife . . . . . Chap. xiii.
How Sir Tristram lay with the lady, and how her husband fought with Sir Tristram . . . . Chap. xiv.
How Sir Bleoberis demanded the fairest lady in King Mark's court, whom he took away, and how he was fought with. Chap. xv.
How Sir Tristram fought with two knights of the Round Table .. Chap. xvi.
How Sir Tristram fought with Sir Bleoberis for a lady, and how the lady was put to choice to whom she would go . Chap. xvii.
How the lady forsook Sir Tristram and abode with Sir Bleoberis, and how she desired to go to her husband . . Chap. xviii.
How King Mark sent Sir Tristram for La Beale Isoud toward Ireland, and how by fortune he arrived into England . Chap. xix.
How King Anguish of Ireland was summoned to come to King Arthur's court for treason . . . . Chap. xx.
How Sir Tristram rescued a child from a knight, and how Gouvernail told him of King Anguish . . . Chap. xxi.
How Sir Tristram fought for Sir Anguish and overcame his adversary, and how his adversary would never yield him . Chap. xxii.
How Sir Blamore desired Tristram to slay him, and how Sir Tristram spared him, and how they took appointment . Chap. xxiii.
How Sir Tristram demanded La Beale Isoud for King Mark, and how Sir Tristram and Isoud drank the love drink . Chap. xxiv.
How Sir Tristram and Isoud were in prison, and how he fought for her beauty, and smote off another lady's head . Chap. xxv.
How Sir Tristram fought with Sir Breunor, and at the last smote off his head . . . . . . Chap. xxvi.
How Sir Galahad fought with Sir Tristram, and how Sir Tristram yielded him and promised to fellowship with Launcelot ... Chap. xxvii.
How Sir Launcelot met with Sir Carados bearing away Sir Gawaine, and of the rescue of Sir Gawaine . . . Chap. xxviii.
Of the wedding of King Mark to La Beale Isoud, and of Bragwaine her maid, and of Palamides . . . Chap. xxix.
How Palamides demanded Queen Isoud, and how Lambegus rode after to rescue her, and of the escape of Isoud . Chap. xxx.
How Sir Tristram rode after Palamides, and how he found him and fought with him, and by the means of Isoud the battle ceased Chap. xxxi.
How Sir Tristram brought Queen Isoud home, and of the debate of King Mark and Sir Tristram . . . Chap. xxxii.
How Sir Lamorak jousted with thirty knights, and Sir Tristram at the request of King Mark smote his horse down . Chap. xxxiii.
How Sir Lamorak sent an horn to King Mark in despite of Sir Tristram, and how Sir Tristram was driven into a chapel .. Chap. xxxiv.
How Sir Tristram was holpen by his men, and of Queen Isoud which was put in a lazar-cote, and how Tristram was hurt Chap. xxxv.
How Sir Tristram served in war King Howel of Brittany, and slew his adversary in the field . . . . Chap. xxxvi.
How Sir Suppinabiles told Sir Tristram how he was defamed in the court of King Arthur, and of Sir Lamorak . Chap. xxxvii.
How Sir Tristram and his wife arrived in Wales, and how he met there with Sir Lamorak . . . . Chap. xxxviii.
How Sir Tristram fought with Sir Nabon, and overcame him, and made Sir Segwarides lord of the isle . . Chap. xxxix.
How Sir Lamorak departed from Sir Tristram, and how he met with Sir Frol, and after with Sir Launcelot . . Chap. xl.
How Sir Lamorak slew Sir Frol, and of the courteous fighting with Sir Belliance his brother . . . . Chap. xli.

Here follow the Chapters of the Ninth Book.

How a young man came into the court of King Arthur, and how Sir Kay called him in scorn La Cote Male Taile . Chap. i.
How a damosel came into the court and desired a knight to take on him an enquest, which La Cote Male Taile emprised Chap. ii.
How La Cote Male Taile overthrew Sir Dagonet the king's fool, and of the rebuke that he had of the damosel . . Chap. iii.
How La Cote Male Taile fought against an hundred knights, and how he escaped by the mean of a lady . . . Chap. iv.
How Sir Launcelot came to the court and heard of La Cote Male Taile, and how he followed after him, and how La Cote Male Taile was prisoner . . . . Chap. v.
How Sir Launcelot fought with six knights, and after with Sir Brian, and how he delivered the prisoners . . Chap. vi.
How Sir Launcelot met with the damosel named Maledisant, and named her the damosel Bienpensant . . Chap. vii.
How La Cote Male Taile was taken prisoner, and after rescued by Sir Launcelot, and how Sir Launcelot overcame four brethren .. Chap. viii.
How Sir Launcelot made La Cote Male Taile lord of the Castle of Pendragon, and after was made knight of the Round Table ... Chap. ix.
How La Beale Isoud sent letters to Sir Tristram by her maid Bragwaine, and of divers adventures of Sir Tristram . Chap. x.
How Sir Tristram met with Sir Lamorak de Galis, and how they fought, and after accorded never to fight together . Chap. xi.
How Sir Palomides followed the Questing Beast, and smote down Sir Tristram and Sir Lamorak with one spear. . Chap. xii.
How Sir Lamorak met with Sir Meliagaunce, and fought together for the beauty of Dame Guenever . . . Chap. xiii.
How Sir Meliagaunce told for what cause they fought, and how Sir Lamorak jousted with King Arthur . . Chap. xiv.
How Sir Kay met with Sir Tristram, and after of the shame spoken of the knights of Cornwall, and how they jousted . Chap. xv.
How King Arthur was brought into the Forest Perilous, and how Sir Tristram saved his life . . . . Chap. xvi.
How Sir Tristram came to La Beale Isoud, and how Kehydius began to love Beale Isoud, and of a letter that Tristram found ...Chap. xvii.
How Sir Tristram departed from Tintagil, and how he sorrowed and was so long in a forest till he was out of his mind . Chap. xviii.
How Sir Tristram soused Dagonet in a well, and how Palomides sent a damosel to seek Tristram, and how Palomides met with King Mark . . . . . . Chap. xix.
How it was noised how Sir Tristram was dead, and how La Beale Isoud would have slain herself . . . Chap. xx.
How King Mark found Sir Tristram naked, and made him to be borne home to Tintagil, and how he was there known by a brachet . . . . . . Chap. xxi.
How King Mark, by the advice of his council, banished Sir Tristram out of Cornwall the term of ten years. . . Chap. xxii.
How a damosel sought help to help Sir Launcelot against thirty knights, and how Sir Tristram fought with them . Chap. xxiii.
How Sir Tristram and Sir Dinadan came to a lodging where they must joust with two knights . . . Chap. xxiv.
How Sir Tristram jousted with Sir Kay and Sir Sagramore le Desirous, and how Sir Gawaine turned Sir Tristram from Morgan le Fay . . . . . Chap. xxv.
How Sir Tristram and Sir Gawaine rode to have foughten with the thirty knights, but they durst not come out . Chap. xxvi.
How damosel Bragwaine found Tristram sleeping by a well, and how she delivered letters to him from La Beale Isoud . Chap. xxvii.
How Sir Tristram had a fall with Sir Palomides, and how Launcelot overthrew two knights . . . . Chap. xxviii.
How Sir Launcelot jousted with Palomides and overthrew him, and after he was assailed with twelve knights . . Chap. xxix.
How Sir Tristram behaved him the first day of the tournament, and there he had the prize . . . . Chap. xxx.
How Sir Tristram returned against King Arthur's party because he saw Sir Palomides on that party . . . Chap. xxxi.
How Sir Tristram found Palomides by a well, and brought him with him to his lodging . . . . Chap. xxxii.
How Sir Tristram smote down Sir Palomides, and how he jousted with King Arthur, and other feats . . Chap. xxxiii.
How Sir Launcelot hurt Sir Tristram, and how after Sir Tristram smote down Sir Palomides . . . Chap. xxxiv.
How the prize of the third day was given to Sir Launcelot, and Sir Launcelot gave it to Sir Tristram . . . Chap. xxxv.
How Palomides came to the castle where Sir Tristram was, and of the quest that Sir Launcelot and ten knights made for Sir Tristram .. Chap. xxxvi.
How Sir Tristram, Sir Palomides, and Sir Dinadan were taken and put in prison . . . . . Chap. xxxvii.
How King Mark was sorry for the good renown of Sir Tristram. Some of King Arthur's knights jousted with knights of Cornwall Chap. xxxviii
Of the treason of King Mark, and how Sir Gaheris smote him down and Andred his cousin . . .. Chap. xxxix.
How after that Sir Tristram, Sir Palomides, and Sir Dinadan had been long in prison they werc delivered . . Chap. xl.
How Sir Dinadan rescued a lady from Sir Breuse Saunce Pite, and how Sir Tristram received a shield of Morgan le Fay ...Chap. xli.
How Sir Tristram took with him the shield, and also how he slew the paramour of Morgan le Fay . . . Chap. xlii.
How Morgan le Fey her paramour, and how Sir Tristram praised Sir Launcelot and his kin . . . Chap. xliii.
How Sir Tristram at a tournament bare the shield that Morgan le Fay delivered to him . . . . .Chap xliv

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