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So, now you know about as much as a person who has gone through Coding 101 (but not 102 - so don't get cocky). You should have a feeling that you are now staring into this giant vista ahead of you. Perhaps you are thinking "Wait a minute, it can't just all be if, while, for, and functions, can it?" Well, that's all it is. It's complexly intertangled loops and functions and ifs, but that's really all it is. You now know enough to go out and teach yourself, so I recommend doing so if you are still interested.

If you did manage to get through all of these lessons, please give me feedback; I'd love to hear from you. Either a \msg, or email to peter@cs.uoregon.edu. What went right, what went wrong, and where did I mess everything up? What sections left you confused, and which ones (if any) bestowed enlightenment? If you don't tell me, they won't get any better :).

Now, if you would like to learn more, here is a list of books1 and authors whose writings might help you, in no particular order:

What are you doing still reading this? Go code!

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  1. If anybody has any good ideas for additions to this list, I'd love to hear about them.

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