Leipzig, Saxony, eastern Germany.

Since the Berlin wall came down in 1989, the city center has been completely renovated. Around 1996 the city centre was almost dead, as many houses had fallen into disrepair. Huge malls on the outskirts of town pulled people away from the city center.

Nowadays Leipzig has a vibrant city centre, with mostly service companies, and many cafes and bars. The newly renovated train station, which has many shops and supermarkets, has succeeded in keeping people in town. The attraction of huge malls on the outskirts of town has fallen sharply.

Noteworthy in Leipzig is the Thomaskirche, where Johann S. Bach played and the Thomanerchor still sings. In Leipzig is also "Auerbachs Keller", famous from Goethe's work. Leipzig has one of the largest contigous Jugendstil quarters in the world, the "Waldstrassenviertel", which is almost completely renovated. Leipzig does not have major outstanding attractions, mainly the renovated city centre, which displays how rich the city used to be, with many large, ornate buildings.

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