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"Leopard Girl" was a fictional character, created by the writer Don Rico and artist Al Hartley for Atlas Comics' Jungle Action comic book. Other artists associated with the feature included Joe Maneely (who did the covers for Jungle Action) and Vince Colletta (beginning with issue #4).

Leopard Girl was one of a number of jungle heroines inspired by Sheena. Leopard Girl, who in her civies was known as Gwen, was also a blonde, but wore a full-body leopard-skin costume (including a leopard-head cowl). Gwen,

"timid little secretary to Dr. Hans Kreitzer, renowned scientist,"
and her fellow assistant Peter treated the jungle animals and natives with affection and respect.

The "Leopard Girl" appeared in:

  1. Jungle Action #1, (Oct. 1954) "The Snake Ring"
  2. Jungle Action #2, (Dec. 1954) "The Flames of Terror"
  3. Jungle Action #3, (Feb. 1955) "Drumbeats of Doom"
  4. Jungle Action #4, (May. 1955) "Killer Bait"
  5. Jungle Action #5, (Jun. 1955) "Boy, he moves awfully fast"
    She did not appear in the final issue:
  6. Jungle Action #6, (Aug. 1955)

There was also an character named "Leopard Girl," created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Gold Key published comics versions of her stories in their Tarzan series of the 1960s.

There was also an anime character named "Leopard Girl," part of the Yu-Gi-Oh games Forbidden Memories, Dark Duel and Duel Monsters.

These characters are not to be confused with Leopard Girl (Rebecca Buelow), who, (like with her friend Cat Man) is slowly transforming herself into a spotted cat-woman.

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