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Prof. Dr. Lerke Osterloh is one of two women currently serving on the Second Senat of the Bundesverfassungsgericht, Germany's Federal Constitutional Court. She was born 29 September 1944 in Holle (Oldenburg).

After being admitted to the practise of law in 1975, she worked from 1972-78 as a research assistant at the Hamburg University's seminar for finance and tax law, and has held predominantly academic positions since then, including professorships at the University of Berlin, Heidelberg, Trier (Public Law and Tax Law), and Frankfurt (Public Law and Tax Law).

She has served on the Federal Constitutional Court since October 1998.

She received her doctorate in 1978 based on a dissertation on compensation for property loss in civil and public law (Das Prinzip der Eigentumsopferentschädigung im Zivilrecht und im öffentlichen Recht). In order to receive her full professorship (Habilitation), she authored a work on the limits of discretion in the application of tax laws. (Gesetzesbindung und Typisierungsspielräume bei der Anwendung der Steuergesetze)

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