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In English: "The Shepherds of Arcadia." A painting by Nicolas Poussin, an oil painting on canvas, made about 1637-1639 while Poussin was in Rome, sized 185 cm x 121 cm, that depicts a group of shepherds standing around a tomb in the middle of a forest, that has the inscription "Et In Arcadia Ego" on it.

For some reason, after the Fronde insurrection, Louis XIV tried mightily to obtain this painting. He eventually succeeded, but when he got it, he sequestered it into the royal apartments in the Louvre where no one could see it without the monarch's personal authority. It might appear that he was cognizant of some secret, subversive information so dangerous to his authority that was embodied in the painting, perhaps connected to the enigmatic phrase on the tomb and the shadowy organization it is supposed to represent: the Prieure de Sion. Today, it's still in the Louvre, where everyone can see it.

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