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A big, Queensland bloodnut bouncer for an illegal casino in Sydney's Kings Cross.

Les Norton is a fictional character created by author Robert G. Barrett. His stories are usually categorised by Les getting involved in some sort of dodgy operation such as drug-smuggling or lost treasure, followed by copious fist-fights in which Les, a rough and tumble kinda guy, always triumphs against great odds. This was either preceeded or succeeded by a lot of drinking and music, and is -always- followed by sex. Described by using terms like 'Mr.Wobbly'.

Australian slang is used at great length in these novels, so please: do not read these books if you major in English or Literature! The odds of having an embolism are quite high.

The author makes good use of locations both within Sydney and Australia, and his descriptions of everyday life are pretty accurate. These books are well worth a read if you're preparing to come to Australia: at the very least, they'll prepare for you for some of the oddest turns of phrase you're likely to hear. Eg:
"So, what about you, Pie? What's your John Dory? Surely you're not moving dacca down here."

The Les Norton books are:

  • The Wind and the Monkey
  • Goodoo Goodoo
  • Mud Crab Boogie
  • Guns 'n Rose
  • The Day of the Gecko
  • Mele Kalikimaka, Mr. Walker
  • And De fun don't done
  • White shoes, White lines & Blackie
  • The Godson
  • The Boys from Binjiwunyawunya
  • The Real Thing
  • You wouldn't be dead for quids

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