After failing in his first bid for public office, Abraham Lincoln accepted appointment as New Salem's postmaster. The following is a letter from Mr. Lincoln to a patron of the post office who had questioned Lincoln's integrity.

Mr. Spears

At your request I send you a receipt for the postage on your paper. I am somewhat surprised at your request. I will however comply with it. The law requires newspaper postage to be paid in advance and now that I have waited a full year you choose to wound my feelings by insinuatng that unless you get a receipt I will probably make you pay it again. Respectfully

A. Lincoln                                

Received of George Spears in full for postage on the Sangamo Journal up to the first of July 1834.

A. Lincoln, PM                          

This document is a copy of the unedited text of a written work by Abraham Lincoln. Some typographical errors which were present in the original text appear here as well. This document was copied in its entirety from The Living Lincoln, edited by Paul M. Angle and Earl Schenck Miers, published by Marboro Books Corp.

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