The ultimate questions to life are as deep as the pelagic uncharted sea, questions which nary get resolved... perhaps those regions signed off ''there be monsters.''

But perhaps, the answers will shine as bright and as obvious as luciferin penetrating the tenebrous and caliginous environment that once over-shadowed them.

The ominous reality of life is just like a dark tunnel waiting to be ventured and egress from the other end and there truly is no subject more ominous and over-powering than that which is death itself.

What happens when we loose our grip on consciousness, when we slowly feel our spirit passing from the corporeal shell that once harbored it?

What do we see when there no more light of this earthly realm displaying the world as we once took for granted? Do we see the face of God as we venture to the pearly gates of Heaven, or is there nothing to consider at all, we are no longer here and so our question of death and what is after it may seem redundant?

What is colder than space, but perhaps the cold touch of fatality itself... That last moment in which we see our whole lives pass before our eyes in a great flash of unity?

Will you stay vigilant, keep wise about your wits? Will you fear death at it stands on your doorstep, ready to take you violently by the hand?

Will you continue to have as much wisdom about you? Will you feel bare, like someone had stripped you of your garments, standing in room for all to see, naked and ashamed, exposed within the inevitable and inexorable stages to come?

Will you try and be philosophical perhaps? Thinking that you have lived a gracious life and that death itself is the final stage of a wonderful journey?

Maybe for most the question of death is insipid... a nuisance... a question to tackle when you actually have to face it?

Will you be brave to leave the world, knowing all you really had was life? The one gift a man can be given by their parents and yet take for granted to think they could frivolously live their lives the way they had without cost... All material things now seem so irrelevant.

Or maybe you will hope to die in your sleep... so that your passing from the mortal world is as unbeknown to you as possible? It really is a gift that many of us never get the pleasure of having...

Perhaps though, there is one truth in all of this despair...

Life counts, so make it count each day.

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