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Life is not as courteous as writers of fiction
You get no “ah-ha” moment

What really happens
when you make the wrong choice
you’ll probably never know

Once you make it
you make it
Now you can go further
Go further
down that road in the yellow wood
down that yellow road in the wood
to see what dreams may come

Like a kid at a circus
would you like the blue balloon or the red one, sonny
ponder (think carefully now, this is important)
and walk away
holding your decision by a string.

And when it pops
you won’t feel bad
because the red one
the red one would have too
wouldn’t it?

Perhaps it’s better than knowing
the grass really was greener

Life is much more courteous than writers of fiction

Life is:

Unorganized, but somehow
Set up for you to fail
Although you will try and try

Life is:

Uncouth and uninhibited,
It teaches us the wrong things to say
generally to the people we don't wish to

Life is:

never punctual, so we learn to be fashionably late,
or, worse-
showing up at the worst time with
a mismatched date.

Life is not:

interested in foreshadowing, conflict resolution
or happy endings.

Life is:

Mostly undramatic,
cruelly consistent.

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