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Some of you accident prone or clumsy people here may be familiar with LifeProof phone cases. They are super durable, waterproof, mostly dust proof, impact resistant, and generally pretty awesome.

They are some type of plastic with a clear front so you can see and access your touchscreen. They snap together with a rubber gasket seal. They have a rubber door to access the charging port.

I swear by mine. It kept my phone safe when it fell in the mud at work. It kept my phone safe when I was in the ocean in Tobago. It kept my phone in one piece when it fell out of my pocket while I was riding my bicycle. Hell, one even saved the life of the phone (NOT MINE) that fell into a port-a-john... though I decided I did not want to know the details of how it was fetched out. That is so very worthy.

They are expensive, but so are the phones they protect.

However, buyer beware!!

These cases are not cat proof!!!

This case that has lasted two year, just got ruined in two seconds when my cat bit through it.

Someday I am going to create a case tougher than a cat, and I will be rich.

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