Songwriter Paul Tucker found singer Tunde Baijewu when the two were studying in Newcastle and asked him to warble on a demo called 'Ocean Drive'. He said: 'We were Soul, which is the family part and I think a lighthouse is a friendly thing'. Polydor enjoyed the demo, and reportedly gave them a quarter of a million pounds to record it orioerly. In 1995, 'Ocean Drive' and 'Lifted' scraped the lower reaches of the UK chart, then disappeared. 'Lifted' (Summery Soul a la Seal) was remixed in 1996 and smashed into the UK Top 10, followed by a reissued 'Ocean Drive'.

Suddenly, Ocean Drive (1995) was glued to the chart and you couln't turn on the radio or the TV without hearing one of the hits. Tucker declared triumphantly: 'Our record is more like British Pop music at the moment than Britpop is. Britpop isn't Pop at all, it's bloody Rock!' In 1997, Postcards From Heaven did it again, with another inescapable biggie, 'Raincloud'.

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