The lighting crew of a show runs all of the lighting aspects. This includes designing the lighting, rigging the lights at the get-in, operating the lights during the show, and de-rigging at the end.

The principal members of the lighting crew are the following:
Chief Electrician - In overall charge. Organises everything, and makes sure evreyone is working safely, and knows what to do.
Lighting Designer - Designs the lighting, and any effects that will be used.
Lighting Operator - Runs the lighting desk during the show.
Followspot operator - Controls the followspot during the show (if one is needed)

There can also be various other members of the lighting crew who help out with rigging and whatever else needs doing during the get-in. Also, on less serious shows, different members of the lighting crew may be given the opportunity to operate the lighting desk, or control the followspot, on different nights, depending on whether the chief electrician feels that they can do it properly.

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