2019 Sep 10

15 minutes: Slice it open

Pierce it. Using a sawing motion. That usually gets the blade well in there.

See how smooth that motion is? Hold it still. Press down a bit. You might cut yourself if it slips.

Clack. The blade snaps onto the board.

You're not done yet. There's still a bit of the skin left. That's still holding the bottom together, isn't it? Don't tear it apart.

Our customers aren't here for rough edges. You want a clean cut. Drag the blade to yourself. Press down. One final motion. Separate the two halves. Don't lose too much juice. If you press too hard, you will.

You'll get better with time and experience. I've been here twenty years and I'm still learning. Leave one half on the board.

Bring the other here. This is a different knife. I know what you're thinking. Who in their right minds uses so many knives for one piece of fruit? I'll tell you who. We do. And if you want to stay, you'll do the same.

See the curve here? This is what you use to dig into the side. Right at the edge there. Work that in. Press down. Not too hard. Don't want to poke yourself too. 

Turn it in a circle. You're losing a lot of juice now, but it's your first day. You'll get better

All around. Make sure you get the bottom. There. Toss the rind. No, excuse me, keep the rind. We have new uses for that now. I'll go over that later. 

Bring the flesh here. That's powdered sugar. I'll show you how that's prepared tomorrow. Set it on top of the powder. Here, take this. Sprinkle some more on top. We're going for a lightly dusted look. Like you can still see the road, but know it's been snowing.

Open that box behind you. Take out one or two rolls. It doesn't matter. Whatever looks best. You'll learn your own aesthetic eventually.

Put them in here. Ski poles. Twigs. Whatever you think they should look like. 

Leave that for now. One of the other guys is going to take it.

Back to the other half.

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