Lin"e*al (?), a. [L. linealis belonging to a line, fr. linea line: cf. F. lin'eal. See 3d Line.]


Descending in a direct line from an ancestor; hereditary; derived from ancestors; -- opposed to collateral; as, a lineal descent or a lineal descendant.

The prime and ancient right of lineal succession. Locke.


Inheriting by direct descent; having the right by direct descent to succeed (to).

For only you are lineal to the throne. Dryden.


Composed of lines; delineated; as, lineal designs.


In the direction of a line; of a line; of or pertaining to a line; measured on, or ascertained by, a line; linear; as, lineal magnitude.

Lineal measure, the measure of length; -- usually written linear measure.


© Webster 1913.

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