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Norwegian cartoonist and creator of the popular comic strip Nemi, born in 1976. In interviews, Myhre claims to have been drawing since first being able to hold a pen, and she has studied graphic design in Los Angeles. Her career has been a speedy one; her very first comic strip got published.

In a presentation of the Nemi strip, Myhre says that she thought her up for a goth-page in the Norwegian edition of The Far Side magazine in 1997, and that she never meant the series to have a main character, she just ended up liking Nemi so much she couldn't let her go. She claims to have found the Nemi name in The encyclopedia of things that never work. The Nemi character is a lot like Myhre - the goth look being one thing they have in common, the love for late mornings and late nights playing Playstation being two others. However, the cartoonist often says she is tired of being compared to the character all the time, and of people thinking every strip is autobiographical. Neither does she care much for being thought of as some sort of "goth spokesperson".

Myhre has always identified with and looked up to people that don't fit in, she says.
Quote: "It's annoying when people don't understand that what is different does not necessarily have any other explanation than the fact that people are different and like different things - there's not always a statement behind it. I've seen nervous people walking in circles to avoid some of the kindest people I know - because they are wearing leather and spikes that day. People in general are very prejudiced... that keeps inspiring comic strips."

Among her influences and inspirations, Myhre counts the Swedish cartoonist Charlie Christensen, Disney ("as a kid") and Don Martin. Asked in an online chat about what she cares most about besides her drawing, she answered animal rights. She has a hang-up on dragons, has a shelf full of dragon literature and sports a dragon tattoo.

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