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Little Axe is a collaborative project between producer Adrian Sherwood and blues guitarist Skip McDonald. Their fusion of blues vocals with dubby instrumentals and modern sampling techniques created the mold for Moby's electronica/blues fusion on "Play" and "18." The albums released under this name are:

  • The Wolf That House Built
    Built around samples of Howling Wolf's vocal recording, both sung and spoken, this album is often compared to "Play," despite having been released 5 years before Moby's LP. Highlights include "Ride On," "Another Sinful Day," and "Wolf Story."
  • Okeh/Epic, 1994

  • Slow Fuse
    Less experimental than "The Wolf That House Built," the songs on this album have a more traditionally "bluesy" feel and structure than those on the previous LP.
  • Wired, 1996

  • Hard Grind
    I have yet to hear this album, but apparently the range of vocal samples used is much wider (including some from Junior Kimbrough).

    Fat Possum, 2002

The first two albums are unfortunately out of print, but are fairly easy to find used copies of.

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