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Little Rock Reed (a.k.a. Timothy Reed) is known as a Native American activist and the author of the 1993 book "The American Indian in the White Man's Prisons: A Story of Genocide". He has also written articles for such publications as the Prison Legal News, the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons and the Vindicator as published by the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

While incarcerated he violated parole, citing that he was a political prisoner. The Center for Advocacy for Human Rights backed his stance by calling him a "fugitive of conscience"1, which was further upheld by the 1995 ruling of Judge Peggy Nelson in New Mexico that "recognized Little Rock Reed, a Native American writer and activist, as a political prisoner and ordered his release from jail".2

Following Judge Nelson's ruling, Little Rock Reed was quoted as saying: "I feel like break-dancing, but I don't know how. Ohio officials conspired to have me imprisoned for speaking out about civil and criminal violations against prisoners and parolees by prison officials. Peggy Nelson was fair and had courage. I'm surprised. It's the first time I've seen a judge do that." 3

Little Rock Reed died in a car accident on January 15, 2000. His articles can be found in various prison activist and critical legal publications throughout North America.

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