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A clever episode of Patrick McGoohan's television series The Prisoner in which Number Six's story is transposed to a western setting. Instead of The Village, he is trapped in a frontier town (ironically) named Harmony.

As a nameless wanderer, there are some parallels between the Prisoner and Clint Eastwood's "man without a name" character.

The episode was originally not shown in the U.S.A., presumably because its pacifist sentiments could be interpreted as anti-Vietnam War (the episode is largely concerned with the townspeople's unsuccessful efforts to convince our man to carry a sidearm).

The rationale for the episode's censorship was that it featured the use of psychedelic drugs; a flimsy justification, as drugging was central to most of the Prisoner episodes.

The episode was written by David Tomblin and Ian L. Rackoff, produced by David Tomblin and Patrick McGoohan, and directed by David Tomblin.

Cast included:

Patrick McGoohan: Number 6
Alexis Kanner: The Kid
David Bauer: The Judge
Valerie French: Kathy
Gordon Tanner: Town Elder
Gordon Sterne: Bystander
Michael Balfour: Will
Larry Taylor: Mexican Sam
Monti De Lyle: Town Dignitary
Douglas Jones: Horse Dealer
Bill Nick: First Gunman
Les Crawford: Second Gunman
Frank Maher: Third Gunman
Max Faulkner: First Horseman
Bill Cummings: Second Horseman
Eddie Eddon: Third Horseman

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