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Borg leader created by the assimilation of Enterprise-D captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Borg consciousness in 2366.

Although the concept of a Borg leader, at the time, almost a contradiction in terms, Locutus was intended to provide a voice for the Borg, as part of a Borg plan to assimilate the Federation. With Picard's mind in the Borg collective consciousness, the powerful adversary had access to all of Picard's knowledge and experience, making him partially responsible for the massive Federation defeat at Wolf 359. But the access proved to be two way, as the capture of Locutus by the Enterprise-D personnel gave them access to the Borg collective consciousness and they were able to defeat the Borg by exploiting its secrets.

author note: to be added to/revised shortly. 11/06/02

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