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The standard (physical settlement) for London gold trade is a bar conforming to the following specifications:

(a) Weight: minimum gold content: 350 fine ounces (approximately 10.9 kilograms) maximum gold content:430 fine ounces (approximately 13.4 kilograms)
The gross weight of a bar should be expressed in ounces troy, in multiples of 0.025, rounded down to the nearest 0.025 of an ounce troy

(b)Fineness: the minimum acceptable fineness is 995 parts per thousand fine gold.

(c) Marks: Serial number Assay stamp of Acceptable Refiner Fineness
Year of manufacture (expressed in four digits)
Marks should be stamped on the larger of the two main surfaces of the bar.

(d) Appearance: bars should be of good appearance, free from surface cavities and other irregularities, layering and excessive shrinkage. They must be easy to handle and convenient to stack.

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