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Lord"ly, a. [Compar. Lordlier (?); superl. Lordliest.] [Lord + -ly. Cf. Lordlike.]


Suitable for a lord; of or pertaining to a lord; resembling a lord; hence, grand; noble; dignified; honorable.

She brought forth butter in a lordly dish. Judges v. 25.

Lordly sins require lordly estates to support them. South.

The maidens gathered strength and grace And presence, lordlier than before. Tennyson.


Proud; haughty; imperious; insolent.

Lords are lordliest in their wine. Milton.

Syn. -- Imperious; haughty; overbearing; tyrannical; despotic; domineering; arrogant. See Imperious.


© Webster 1913.

Lord"ly, adv.

In a lordly manner.


© Webster 1913.

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