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The crowning achievement of William Mulholland. Completed in 1913, the Los Angeles Aqueduct serves the city of Los Angeles with the water it so desperately needed to expand.

Begun in 1908 after city voters approved a plan to build an aqueduct to carry the waters of the Owens River to their city 3 years prior to construction which would eventually contain 140 tunnels through mountains and huge steel pipes eleven feet in diameter built by an army of more than 5,000 workers in 5 years.

However, the aqueduct was met with some rather srong oppostion by the farmers of the of the Owens Valley. They were unwilling to allow their precious water to be diverted and wanted to keep it for their agricultural purposes. As a result, a bitter war raged on between the farmers in the city and in 1927 more the aqueduct was dynamited fourteen times!. But obviously, they lost.

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