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A novel of The Childe Cycle written by Gordon R. Dickson, published by Ace in 1980. The book won a Hugo Award in 1981. The original edition included the novella "Lost Dorsai", also published in Destinies, Volume 2, number 1 (February-March 1980), the short story "Warrior" which was first run in Analog (1965), and "Plume and Sword" by Sandra Miesel (an analysis of Dickson's work, primarily the Childe Cycle). At the end of the volume is a preview of Dickson's next book, The Final Encyclopedia

The book was reissued by Tor in 1993. Miesel's piece is replaced in this edition by "A Childe Cycle Concordance (Excerpts)" by David W. Wixon.

"Lost Dorsai" is the story of Michael de Sandoval, a Dorsai who has become a bandleader for the army of Nahar, on the planet Ceta, because he is morally opposed to killing but unable to completely renounce his warrior upbringing. The story's narrator is Corunna El Man, another Dorsai, who has brought Amanda Morgan (the second of that name) to Ceta to try to work out a solution to the current Naharese problem. Also on-planet are the famous Dorsai twins, Ian and Kensie Graeme, who have been contracted by the Naharese nobility to train their army of peasants into an effective force. The problem is that the neighboring countries, with help from a powerful outside force, have instigated a revolt of most of the army, and now the Graemes must either break their contract (causing all the Dorsai to lose face) or defend the capital city/fortress themselves, against overwhelming odds. Each of the main characters has a great personal conflict with the situation, but none more so than Michael, who must find a way to be true to himself while also upholding his sense of duty.

"Warrior" is a short piece about Ian Graeme and the way he handles a difficult duty. Ian travels to Earth to see a wealthy gangster because the man's younger brother has recently died while under his (Ian's) command. It turns out that the brother was executed in the field by Ian for getting most of his troops killed on a needless attack, against orders. Ian has brought the man's personal effects home. Local police believe Ian is going to try to make trouble, maybe even kill the gangster, because of rumors that the older brother forced the younger to commit his reckless action.

Thanks to Larry W. Virden for some of the publication history: http://www.geocities.com/lvirden/Misc/dickson.txt

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