Guitarist and chief composer of Italian metal band Rhapsody. Started his solo career in 1999. T was Born March the third, 1972 in Trieste, Italy. where he would later attend high school for mathematics.
Turilli formed his first metal band, Thundercross, with two later Rhapsody members. First guitar: an Ibanez Roadstar 550.

Turilli describes his playing style as "classical" and arpeggio-based rather than "bluesy" and scale-based (Can you say Yngwie?). He moves little along the fretboard, and instead works across it, creating sweeps of notes that often span several octaves. Discography:

A music video was produced for the "hit" single The Ancient Forest of Elves. The video features T. fitted with medieval clothes, headed for his coronation as "king of the nordic twilight". He is accompanied by singer Olaf Hayer wielding a big sword.

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