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A yearly convention. It is a Science Fiction/Fantasy convention held by the New York Science Fiction Society, the Lunarians. Held every spring, usually in mid-to-late March, the 'con is frequented by all parts of fandom, including (but certainly not limited to):
There are many panels discussing various issues that are pertinent to fandom. They may include swordfighting lessons, debates on the female's role in SF&F, to discussions of current events and how they relate to SF&F.

Every year, there is a heavily-stocked Vendor Room, selling SF&F books, cool toys (like stuffed dragons and Tarot cards), clothes (from witty t-shirts to corsets), funny buttons, and movies (mostly anime).

The fact that the 'con is held in a very strange hotel (nicknamed the Escher Hilton due to its strange topology, aka the Rye Town Hilton, in Rye, NY) keeps the energy high as dozens of those often shunned by society party down, enjoying each others company in as many ways as possible.

More info about Lunacon and the Lunarians can be found at http://www.lunacon.org

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