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The MASK series: Five 12" vinyl records that are the holy grails of electronic trainspotters the world over.

Starting around 1995, the Manchester, England based record label, Skam, teamed up with the German label, Musik Aus Strom, to release an obscenely limited series of records featuring each label's respective artists.

There were five different releases, Mask 100, Mask 200, Mask 300, Mask 400, and Mask 500. Each one was limited to the number in its name (i.e. there were only 100 pressings of Mask 100, 200 pressings of Mask 200, and so on).

Following the incredibly enigmatic and cryptic tradition of the two labels, the artists that performed on each release were listed "in no particular order", and the individual tracks were not identified, leaving the listener to guess at who is playing at any particular time.

The massive underground popularity of Skam and MaS artists caused these albums to quickly sell out, and they fetch high prices at places like eBay today.

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