The nickname of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Digital Archive Project. More information is available at, and I'll provide some tidbits. A group of guys one day bought some encoder cards and some large harddrives and started encoding episodes of MST3K. This is still a new and small group of people, and they have about 35 or so MST experiments online now. You can download the fruits of their labor from their IRC channel (the website tells what server and all that jazz), or you can try to catch some of the Usenet postings on alt.binaries.multimedia.comedy. Currently you can fit one episode on a CD, and they've got more Sci-Fi era Mike Nelson episodes encoded than they do Comedy Central era Joel Robinson episodes.

Update 5-15-04

The DAP has encoded all the MST3K episodes known to exist (excluding the pilot and the first three KTMA episodes) that arn't sold by Rhino, and have an impressive collection of related shorts and oddities. They have some extremely harsh guidelines, but it's a wonderful (if intimidating) community.

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