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MacHTTP is the original Macintosh HTTP server. Developed by Chuck Shotton using Think C on a Quadra 700, by the middle of 1993 it fully supported HTTP 0.9 and multiple connections.

By 1994 MacHTTP had thousands of users and served a sizable portion of web pages on the internet. MacHTTP was the first truly scriptable mac application, taking advantage of the then new Applescript technology. It developed a significant number of third party scripts for guest books, image maps, searching, and other CGI functions.

Growing rapidly, the unreleased MacHTTP 3.0 was bought by Starnine Technologies in April, 1995 and appeared commercially as WebSTAR 1.0.

MacHTTP 2.2.2 was the final shareware release until January, 2001 when MacHTTP was revived and rereleased for free in version 2.3.

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