The world's first radio show hosted by a sociopathic alien!

Set up as a collection of mp3 files, roughly a megabyte's download apiece, the Maggott Show follows the escapades of the Byeard Maggott, an alien with an ego that spans its own dimension, and his co-host Frugle, your given generic side-kick demon who also happens to harbor a number of sexual deviancies, among number bestiality, homosexuality, and an unholy lust for his employers. Uncle Evil, the host of a children's show the likes of which might be the brainchild of a Charles Manson on a bad trip, also makes an occasional appearance.

Each episode of the Maggott Show ranges from five to eight minutes long, and is chock full of bizzare inter-stellar advertisements, guests of questionable virtue, and dark cultists proclaiming the superiority of the DARK GOD Ghazpork the Lord of Breakage. Most of the voices were done by the Byeard Maggott himself, but on occasion persons from Operation CWAL guest-star for an episode or so. There are a few inside jokes that only CWALers would understand in the first few episodes, but most of the humor is easily understandable by anyone capable of understanding South Park, while going beyond fart jokes, the lighting of farts, and violent vomiting... if the burning of telemarketers, uploading Windows 2K Beta into the servers that host the Matrix as a form of torture, punishing the people who proclaim sexual desire for either of the hosts, playing "Guess the context" for fun and prizes. Oh, yeah, and Frugle gets beaten every so often for making an inappropriate comment.

Not for the squeamish, the Maggott Show is a short romp through the poppy fields of one man's unholy mind and the things that follow said romp after people encourage it. If it had a rating, it would be TV-MA for sex sounds of all sorts, foul language (despite the occasional ineffective bleep), graphic gunshot noises, and mental images of young children serving as suppositories for a dark, maniacal clown that will haunt you in your sleep for weeks afterward.

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