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If that grey color used for the status and toolbox areas of your Netscape browser windows is a distraction among the other windows on your desktop, and if you'd like to make Netscape fit in a bit more, then this node may be of interest to you.

I discovered what I could set in my .Xdefaults file to change that grey color for both the browser windows and the e-mail/news windows. Here are the properties to set, using my preferable arrangement of white letters on a blue background:

    Netscape*foreground: white
    Netscape*background: steelblue
    Netscape*MailThread*foreground: white
    Netscape*MailThread*background: steelblue

Of course this only works if you're using an X-Windows version of Netscape. But there's also one more caveat. These colors get used in a few of the widgets used by forms, so if you pick a funky color and then see that color used elsewhere in ugly ways, that's why.

In fact, I actually removed the Netscape*foreground and Netscape*background properties because they affected too many webpages adversely. But the MailThread properties still work well for me.

And please, I'm being serious. No more suggestions like "To make Netscape look pretty, load some pr0n."

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